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WordPress Theme design and development

10 April 2013 WordPress is undoubtedly the world’s most popular website CMS (Content Management System) and has literally thousands of themes and plug-ins available for free or paid use. Yet finding the right solutions for your website and maintaining a competitive edge in terms of your corporate branding, look and feel and unique marketing propositions can be hard using off the shelf components.

Bon Tong Productions specialises in developing custom WordPress themes that exactly meet our client’s business requirements and don’t compromise on delivering a website that exceeds their expectations. Utilising our own proprietary frameworks, we can quickly build new themes based on custom design and layouts, which, together with appropriate plug-ins to add functionality, deliver exactly what is required.

A major advantage of this approach is that custom themes do not bring with them the baggage of trying to support a myriad of possible WordPress configurations. They are lean and mean providing only the functionality actually needed for a particular project. This makes the web-site quicker to load, more responsive and gives a better user experience.

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